Privacy Policy

What is this all about?

This Privacy Policy has been created to demonstrate our commitment to the privacy and protection of your information. As part of the normal operation of services, we collect and, in some instances, disclose information about you. This statement is all about informing you of the ways in which we collect information about you, and how we use that information.

The policy applies to any personal information you provide to us:
• when you use our website
• when you make a booking or enquiry by telephone, email or fax
• when you complete guest registration on check-in for your apartment
• during any other correspondence with us

It also applies to any information that is provided to us by someone else, such as your partner, travel agent etc

What sort of information do you collect?

The type of information that we collect from you will depend on how and when we collect it, and the way in which you have provided that information to us. We’ve sorted these into the following 3 categories of information:

  1. Basic Website Statistics
    This is the normal information collected by our webserver while you are visiting our website. The type of data recorded here includes:


    • How you came to find our website
    • The time and date that you entered our web site
    • The pages you visited on our web site etc.

    At this level of interaction with our site there is no information collected that personally identifies you – you are simply recorded as “a visitor” and nothing more. This statistical information is simply collected to make sure our website optimally and allows us customise our website for the target market.

  2. Requests for Information
    This is when you’ve had a look through our website or seen one of our print ads and approach us with a request for more information by email, phone, fax etc. If you complete our online request form, the only information we specifically require is your name, your contact phone number and email address – we also like to know how you came to find out about us so we can see how our guests are discovering us!


    This information, together with any other additional details you provide at this stage, is simply used for the purpose of responding to your enquiry in a helpful and timely manner.  

  3. Requests for a Booking & Guest Registration on Check-in
    When you request a booking with us we will need to collect and confirm the following types of information from you:


    • your full name
    • your residential and/or business address
    • your contact telephone numbers
    • your email address
    • the dates you would like to stay
    • the type of accommodation you would like to book
    • how many guests will be staying
    • anticipated arrival time
    • your credit card details
    • any other information relevant to the processing of your booking


How do you collect this information?

Primarily we collect this information by direct communication with you. This includes information given by telephone, sent to us in written correspondence (whether by letter, fax or email), or by contact with us in person.

As we are required by law to obtain your consent to the collection of "sensitive information" we will assume that you consent to the collection of all information which is provided to us for use in accordance with this Statement, unless you tell us otherwise.

If you do not provide us with this information, we may be unable to provide you with accommodation.

Do you share this information with anyone?

Absolutely not. The only exceptions are where required by law or to enforce our collection of monies owing by you.
Under no circumstances will we sell or otherwise provide access to such information to third parties.

How long do you keep this information for?

We may retain marketing or demographic information indefinitely. Personal information collected during your stay is usually retained for the length of time necessary to comply with taxation and accounting requirements.

Who can I talk to if I have a question about my privacy?

Should you have any questions or complaints about privacy issues, please email our Privacy Officer:
[email protected]


Where can I learn more about my right to privacy?

Additional information on the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000 can be found at

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