Keiths Blog: Thinking of Visiting Mudgee?



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Mudgee is a small town in a shire of over 20,000 people. Midwestern Regional Council is the governing body and the main headquarters is located in Market Street, Mudgee. If you are considering a warm, friendly and very typically classical country town then you would certainly be encouraged to put Mudgee high on your list. The township of Mudgee is located in the beautiful Cudgegong Valley and right on the banks of the Cudgegong River.


Mudgee is centrally located within New South Wales: just a short three to four hours in a car from Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong. If you were to drive from Sydney or Wollongong, you would most logically drive over the Blue Mountains either on the Great Western Highway or the Bells Line of Road, both of which end at Lithgow. After Lithgow, around 8 to 10 km out, you would take the exit to Mudgee which travels up and over the Bathurst Road and you would  then find yourself on the main road to Mudgee which skirts around the outside of the Capertee Valley. This valley boasts one of the oldest and biggest sandstone canyons in the world and it is well worth a slight detour.


If you have time, as you enter the township of Capertee simply take a turn to the right. This road will take you down to the beautiful little and now disused township of Glen Davis. Glen Davis was a shale oil mining town that was used for Australian fuel needs during the scarcity caused by the Second World War. Most of the township including the oil works is still there although now deserted and well worth a look. There are many picnic and camping areas along the way. This road will eventually wind its way up into the Kandos and Rylstone Valleys. These two little townships are nestled at the top of the Capertee Valley and offer a good respite for a light lunch or a cup of tea on your way.


The trip to Mudgee then winds its way around part of the Cudgegong Dam. You will then come back on to the main Mudgee road which will wind its way up through the many wineries that are on the south-eastern side of the township and eventually bring you into Mudgee. Mudgee is blessed with many beautiful architectural buildings in its main streets which include the Town Hall, Library, Post Office and many beautiful  churches. There are also many beautiful parks and none more beautiful than Henry Lawson River Park located peacefully and beautifully on the banks of the Cudgegong River. There are many picnic and barbecue spots and ample places for children to stretch their legs and play.


Mudgee has many wonderful restaurants and coffee shops with a variety of fine cuisine. The best place to access information regarding your visit to our beautiful region would be at the Mudgee Regional Tourist Information Centre located in Market Street between the Council Chambers and the Post Office. You will find the staff here only too willing to help with any of your particular needs and interests.


Accommodation at times in Mudgee can be very short in supply as many visitors can swell the ranks of numbers to capacity on weekends such as the Day on the Green and the Mudgee Small Farm Field Days which occur in June /July of every year. During these busy weekends you would be well advised to book ahead as Mudgee has difficulties housing the many thousands that are wanting to visit at the one time. Weddings can also be very popular in Mudgee due to its close proximity to the many wineries and venues that are available.


There are a variety of types of accommodation from a simple room in a pub to motels, guesthouses, B&Bs and serviced apartments. Colonial Court Villas offers 12 villas and two four-bedroom homes all on the one location and with easy access to one another, accommodating over 100 people if necessary. The villas are fully self-contained; all you will need to bring are your particular personal needs and food and drink. From cooking utensils to large fluffy white fresh towels and sheets, everything is provided. You will even have your own private backyard with barbecue. Perfect for that late afternoon glass of wine and a chance to plan the activities for the next outing in the beautiful town of Mudgee.


As stated, Mudgee has a good variety of restaurants and hotels that offer a diverse range of cuisine. Mudgee has its own brewery that offers great food, great coffee and lots of great entertainment.